Sick of getting sick.

Last night I was supposed to see a movie with Steph, Angie, and Fabish. Unfortunately Angie couldn't go because of clinicals. All of us were kind of indifferent about which movie we were seeing, so instead we opted to watch Big Daddy over at my place, since it was cheaper than spending $7 on a movie none of us were thrilled about seeing. We also got Avanti's, and Abby pooped outside for me. It was quite a night.

Abby has absolutely no idea how to play with anything, so last night me and Fabish were trying to teach her. She really liked the frog Jaimee brought her. I think it was because she could make it squeak with minimal effort on her half. She even started chewing on her stuffed monkey, but when I tried to pull it away she gave up without a fight. Not to worry though, she'll be a normal dog soon enough.

But I think I'm getting sick again. That would make sickness #2 this winter. That's just not right for me. I NEVER get sick. I woke up last night with the worst sore throat you could imagine. I couldn't even get back to sleep. I got up to get a glass of the wonder drug milk, but it hurt to swallow and did little good. I tried to get some of those lozenges or whatever this morning but they were out. I had to settle for some caramel candies, which are helping immeasurably.

Tonight I'm going home, walking Abby, then heading out to my parent's house for dinner. I also have to remember my road atlas and camcorder charger for Fabish's vacation. Don't let me forget.

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