Site-wide commenting and pagination

Man, that took a whole lot longer than I expected it would. But no matter. Site-wide commenting is working, which means it'll be a piece of cake for me (or whoever) to alter the commenting forms and comment adding scripts/methods. Before, each section of the site had it's own comment adding scripts, which meant that every change I made, I had to make 3 times. This new system is much better, although does introduce problems for the administrative features like deleting comments. Those will come.

Some functionality had to be sacrificed to make way for these changes, but overall I think these are very positive and necessary for future development of the site and scripts.

I also added pagination for category pages, hopefully for some easier navigation throughout those.

Now I need to write a simple archive page, tweak a bit of the functionality, and we can call this project a day. Thank God. I'm just itchin' to move onto the podcast I have planned, but I need to finish this blasted project first. To teach myself a lesson if nothing else.

edit: consider the archive page complete. Just a few more tweaks and this bad boy will be done. Phew.

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