The situation is

The situation is more dire than I thought.

After dropping nearly 70 pounds a little over a year ago, I assumed my diet was over. In the course of that year, I have put back on an astounding 50 of those original 70 pounds. I know only because I checked last night for the first time in a long time.

But, the good news is that Mullens is totally fatter than me, and took it upon himself to work a diet up for us. Yesterday was the first day of NO SOLID FOOD. Which sucks, sure, but I want to see some quick results to keep me going, like I had last time. So we've started taking these stupid shakes that have 100% of all essential vitamins and nutrients and 150% of your daily protein, but very few calories. They taste like crap and leave a weird residue in my mouth. Then there's also running every night of the week and weight lifting every other night. We ran 2 miles yesterday and walked 1. Today, the scale told me I had lost 6 pounds of that fifty I need to get off. I know better than to trust that figure, but it still felt good to see such a dramatic drop. Hopefully seeing the weight come off will keep me motivated to keep going. Last time, I was motivated by the ever-dropping scale and, of course, I had to look good for my TV appearance. This year there won't be a TV appearance (at least not yet), so I'll need to find other ways to keep that scale droppin'.

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