Leaving Drupal. Indy Web FTW

It's been several years since I've blogged consistently. But I rediscovered my love of web technologies with the Indy Web Movement and static site generators.

This new site is built with wonderful static HTML! Just like when I was in high school, building sites with static, and associated images, javascript, and CSS. I've never been one much for server-side languages, despite being able to hack things together.

I spent many years in Drupal-land, and I still live in that world for my full-time job. But for my personal blog, I thought it'd be fun to take a step back, abandon mySQL and CMSes and retreat back to the fun years.

My old Livejournal posts have made their way from LJ to my own custom CMS, to Drupal 6, to Drupal 7, and finally exported via Markdown files and imported into this custom Metalsmith blog. It's been a journey.

Next up, converting the Handlebars templates to Twig. That'll be better right?

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