So after our

So, after our big Saturday night adventure, Mullens was absolutely humiliated. He did stuff that was embarassing, sure, but I think he took it a bit too hard. He's now made the promise to never drink again, and normally I wouldn't believe him, but he said it with such conviction that I'm tempted to think it's true. Weird.

Last night, Mullens, Angie, Andy, some girl named Ann and I went bowling. I bowled terribly. Then we watched Old School. I drank some diet Dr. Pepper and discussed my weight loss with Andy, who seemed at least sort of impressed.

I'm tired today, but I just got back from eating at a Chinese Buffet with Mister Jim and Mister Polk and Mister Brandon. I should be back at the gallery, but I don't want to be. The gallery can suck my nuts off. Today I'm finishing up this CD-ROM for my dad, finally, and taking care of a few other small business-related tasks. Tonight may be a cookout. Maybe.

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