So all my

So, all my stuff is packed into boxes, with the exception of my dishes. Everything is scattered throughout my living room, waiting to be packed into a truck and moved across town.

I'll be sleeping here tonight, then tomorrow will move everything I own from my apartment into my new apartment's garage as I wait for my new apartment to be finished up. Starting Saturday night, I'll be homeless. Sunday we're finishing the cleaning process to the old apartment, and on Monday the new tenants move in.

Then, for close to 2 weeks, I'll be moving from place to place, sleeping on couches and other fun stuff. June 1st is the big day. I move into an apartment with a dishwasher.

Not a lot else going on. I saw Spider-Man with my dad and Robert last night. Today I went out to eat with Polk, as to not abandon our Friday ritual. Tonight Wolford will be in town, so I'll take a break from packing and moving to eat dinner with him, hopefully. Those will be the only breaks I've taken from packing in quite some time.

I can't wait to be settled into my new apartment. 2 weeks from tomorrow, I will be. Yee haw.

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