So the car

So, the car show was really lame. I sold a lot of CDs, which made it at least bareable, and I have some money to throw around for the next month or so. But, hopefully I won't need it as much as I have been needing it, because more and more jobs are just falling into my lap. And this week I'm going to really hit the streets and whore myself out as a painter to get more work.

I'll need the extra work because I've been informed that my services at the gallery are no longer needed. With Brandon out of school and working full time, my jobs have mostly been doing gallery pieces and artwork. Since the artwork stuff is considered freelance anyway, there's really no reason to have my regular hourly job anymore. It kind of sucks, since I did like the job and the people and the flexibility with my schedule, but now I have more time to devote to my "real" job, which is the self employed thing. This week is my last week.

Not much else happening. My car shines like glass after spending a few hours washing and waxing yesterday. It's been a long time since my car has been clean.

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