So Fabish Amy

So, Fabish, Amy, Irby and myself drove up to Wisconsin yesterday to see Pearl Jam play. It was good times. Fabish, Irby and I all have very similar senses of humor and keep trying to out do each other, so when we get together it's sort of like a sarcasmfest. Amy seemed a tad annoyed, but she was dealin' with it.

So, Pearl Jam was awesome, as per usual. A few highlights... "Better Man", which was sung almost completely by the audience while Eddie just stood there listening. Eddie announcing "Jeremy" as "one of their new songs". Eddie's speech about reality television ("You've got American Idol and American Juniors and American.... Blow job butt fuck or what the fuck ever.") One of the strangest things was right when Pearl Jam took the stage, everyone in the whole place stood up and walked as close to the stage as possible. It's an outdoor venue with no "real" seating, just on a hill. So, we're all walking up to get closer and we notice a couple who stays seated. It just so happens that we ended up standing right next to said couple. After a while, they laid down and, as close as we can figure it, pleasured each other manually. A few minutes later they were laying on top of each other, grinding, and a few minutes later, the guy was getting BJ at a PJ show. It was simply fascinating. Everyone was standing around, watching, making comments and giving the guy high fives. Weird.

During "Crazy Mary" in one of the encores, this huge fat bald man ran up to Eddie and looked like he was going to pound the shit out of him. They had about a 3 second conversation before security ran up and tried to drag the guy away. Eddie stopped them and handed the fat man the mic, at which point he sang a few lines of "Crazy Mary", then started yelling something about loving his wife. Eddie gave him a huge hug and did some weird dance with him around the stage, then pushed him to the side of the stage where more fans were standing. At the end of the song, Eddie introduced the guy as "some fucking idiot".

It was my duty to drive us home, even though I wasn't really in any condition to drive. I haven't had a full night's sleep for many moons, and it was 12:30 before we even got out of the parking lot. Everyone else was asleep and I had to keep reminding myself to keep my eyes open. It was pretty bad. We got back to P-town in record time, which was just before 4 AM. I almost hit 2 deer on the way home, too. That was fun.

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