So Friday after

So Friday after work I arrived late to Kouri's for lunch with Polk. Still, late is better than never (right, Wolfie?). It was a good lunch, cut short because Polk had to go do laundry.

That night Angie and I met Anna and Mullens at JJ Ryans, then went on to Carlos O'Kelleys for dinner, then back to my place for poker night. Alan, Fabish, and Amy came back to participate. I did really well in the warm up rounds, but was first out in the real game, which was humiliating.

Saturday I didn't do anything except took a long ass bike ride by the river. It was beautiful. My new favorite bike trail. There was one point where the beach was made up of a bunch of broken up cement, and there was one big chunk of cement that jetted off into the river. There was also a little park bench sitting on the chunk, which I couldn't tell was left by the park or some punk kids who moved it there. Either way, I took a break and sat on this park bench. If you just stared straight ahead, it seemed like you were sitting on the water. I also saw some woodchucks. So that was nice.

My nephew was baptised on Sunday, so I went to that. Then on to my sister's house for a party. I left earlyish because it was kind of awkward to be by myself in a party full of couples, especially when most of the couples were Robert's family who I don't really know. Mostly I played with Jack.

Alan and I went on a long bike ride later in the day on Rock Island Trail, then went to Hooters for dinner. I had Amberbock. And that was my weekend.

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