So here's a

So here's a funny story.

My dad had told the story of what happened to me at Company X to one of his coworkers, who, in turn, told his son-in-law, who is also an artist/designer in Peoria. Apparently he didn't remember the name of Company X and only gave a really short description of what had happened. At that point, his son-in-law said "Was it those assholes at Company X?" Apparently they have a reputation in Peoria as being really good, but also fucking Nazis. The owner is a control freak and kind of a jerk, and no one feels comfortable working there, but because of the agreements everyone has to sign, is there for life. It's becoming really obvious that what happened to me was for the best.

And, in other news, the aforementioned son-in-law has inside information about an artist job at the Journal Star. He's one of the guys who got my story about the NES PC published, and now I'm supposed to call him regarding this new opening. We'll see what happens. Even if I get it, I'm going to pursue the whole college thing again so hopefully I won't be backed into the same corner I'm in now... nowhere to go and no way to get there.

Also, the employment agency place called me back and asked for my resume. At this point, I would take any job you could throw my way. Well, probably not fast food. But any other job. I'd love to work 3rd shift again.

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