So how bout

So how bout this beautiful Spring weather, huh? When I think Spring, I think 30 degrees and snowing. I guess I shouldn't complain, since the longer it stays cold the longer I get to wear my new(ish) coat.

In a little over a month, I'll have been at my new job for a year. Isn't that crazy? This year just flew by in a flurry consisting of about 85% goodness, 8% badness, and and 7%  relief.

Anyhoo, last night Angie made me, Alan, and Mullens a dinner that I won't even attempt to spell. It was delicious, although I had to skip the garlic cheese bread and keep my serving small. Dieting is fucking miserable, I'll tell you that much. After that we bowled, and I embarrassed myself with the worst game I've bowled since gradeschool.

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