So I brought

So, I brought in my artwork for Marianne to look at. She was impressed. She seemed under the impression that I would be willing to do artwork for the gallery for the same rate as I do framing for them. I told her there was no way. My artistic skills are worth way more than my framing skills, and I do expect to get paid accordingly for it. I don't think I was out of line, but they seemed surpised.

My remote control on eBay went for $37, for some reason. My broken DVD player went for $33. Don't get that, either. Tonight I'm putting up more stuff. eBay is so great.

So, it was ridiculous at work. We took in a much bigger order than we should have, so I ended up working almost 11 hours yesterday. While at work, I got a call from Brian Kelly. He's moving to Kansas City, so it was his last night in town. Me, Brian, and John went out for a couple beers. It was a good time. I don't see them enough.

And now it's today. My Nintendo computer is complete except for a power switch, which I'm having a hard time finding. I've gone to every store in Peoria looking for one with no luck.

And it's also Friday the 13th, so me and Jaimee are watching Friday the 13th part 2, which is definitely the scariest and my 2nd favorite in the series.

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