So I ended

So, I ended up taking Abby on a walk with my new shoes on. It was a long walk, and now I have 2 huge broken blisters on the back of each foot. They really hurt. I haven't put on a pair of shoes since. I walk around with Fabish's sandals now when I need to leave the apartment.

Last night Mullens stopped by with a 12 pack. We drank beer and discussed his plans for Angie's party. It was funny to see him tiptoe around the fact that it was also my birthday, but the party was not for me. "So, Angie's party... I mean, your guy's party starts..." Stuff like that happened a few times. All I could do was laugh, really. I mean, it's her 21st and my 22nd. Of course hers is a bigger deal. That doesn't bother me.

So I guess Fabish and I are picking up the keg and heading over there around 5ish or 6ish. We'll hang out for a while and hit the bars at midnight since Angie will officially be 21. I don't know if I'll go to the bars or not. I probably shouldn't, since I don't have any money or anything.

Also, the Boogeymen DVD comes out today. I'm still debating on whether or not to treat myself to an early birthday present or to just save my money for something a little more necessary, like food.

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