So I finally

So I finally turned my heat on. I held out as long as I could, and made it until November 9th. Not too bad.

Last night was speed dating at Kelleher's. I came in at the 25-35 age range by about a month, so was a bit timid about who I'd meet had I actually paid the $35 to attend. Polk graciously offered to tag along as we scoped out the joint. We got a perfect table for spying on the night's events.

I'm pissed at myself for not ponying up the $35 and giving it a shot, especially after seeing some of the cutie girls and ugly guys. Polk and I definitely would have been getting some attention, since we don't look like child molestors or crooked cops.

Fact: I really want to be a daddy by age 30, and I think I will make a fantastic daddy.

Memory: I'm ganking this from Wolfie, since its about me and contains some of my favorite memories.

"Tim I met because my cousin and his friend kept telling both of us that we had to meet each other because we were sooooooo much alike. I finally met him when he worked at Landmark. We had both went on a “date” with the same girl in the past and when I met him I asked “So you know Kim D. (name edited for her anonymity (sp?), not my embarassment) huh?” to which in Tim fashion he responded “Yes, but if you ever ask me again I will deny it.” We later became pretty good friends and continue to be. Some memories of him include him taking me to see Pearl Jam for free. Him yelling at people with a megaphone along with Fuller in the back of Bryan’s car. Watching Mullens flip him in Fuller’s kitchen one night. Watching him almost get in a fight at his own party because he called a guy that lived upstairs baldy. Him laying on the horn for a good thirty seconds at a guy that pulled out in front of him and then waving polietly at him when the guy started cussing and flipping us off."

In my defense, the guy I called baldy didn't live upstairs. He was visiting his cousin who lived upstairs. His hot girl cousin. Who actually broke up the fight and saved me from a few broken bones.

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