So I go

So, I go home after work yesterday and hear a scratching from my bedroom door. I think "Oh no, Abby got out." I opened the door and there she was, staring right up at me, so happy to see me, wagging her tail and looking all cute. I looked behind her at my room. I see ripped up clothes, blankets, carpeting, knocked over easels, chewed up paper, and urine on my bed, futon, and some of my clothes. I looked back at that happy puppy sitting at my feet, and I swear I have never, ever been so freaking angry in my entire life. I started yelling at her, at which point she peed all over the floor right by my feet, causing me to scream louder and more.I dragged her outside and locked her with her leash in the door so I could start cleaning up. She started barking loud and annoyingly, so I drug her back inside and chained her to one of our radiators. I was mad at her all night, despite my parents calling and saying "She's just a puppy, that's what puppies do. You can't be mad at her. You can't punish her." Whatever, I replied. I can do whatever I want. By ripping up my brand new carpet, I'm pretty sure I can kiss my $500 deposit good bye. That's a reason to be angry if you ask me. And don't even get me started on replacing my clothes, and my irreplaceable sketch pad from college, among other things. Stupid dog. She spent the rest of the night peeing all over the rest of the apartment whenever I let her leave the vicinity of the radiator.

Brian Kelly, one of my friends from high school, was home on Spring Break and came over to fix my computer. I finally have access to some of my multimedia stuff I did in college now, which is a good thing. Nothing too interesting or exciting to report about last night, I'm afraid. We drank some beer and talked about everything there is to talk about, catching up over the past few months I haven't seen him. He's a cool cat, he is.

Not a lot is happening tonight, either. I canceled plans with my aunt so I could do some laundry that my stupid dog messed up, and will be cleaning more of her messes tonight. I went home to see her at lunch and was still locked away, although it was obvious she had been trying to escape.

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