So I got

So I got off work last night all primed and rarin' to go get some housework done. I picked up Jaimee and we headed out to Big Lots to pick up some more stuff for our BBBQ and nearly died in the process. The rain was coming down incredibly hard leaving pools of water in the street. Since I drive a Jeep I wasn't too concerned about the water, but I was pretty concerned about the other drivers driving like idiots.

As we were leaving Big Lots I got completely and utterly soaked and, therefore, got in a really bad mood really quick. We decided to skip Wal Mart (or, I decided) due to my we cloths and bad mood. As we got home, we saw we had a message from the shop saying Jaimee's car was finished. So we went out to pick it up, my mood improved a bit, and we decided to go ahead and stop at Wal Mart and pick up more goodies. While there, I picked up Godzilla from the $5.50 bin and Critters, which rocks hardcore. We got home and I decided to not do the chores I had set out to do, since we had just spent a long time driving through horrible roads and yadda yadda, and I was crazy tired.

So those chores will be done tonight.

But the big news: I had planned it out a few days ago that, if something was wrong with Jaimee's car that couldn't be fixed for a reasonable amount of money, then I would take out a loan on Jeepy to get her a new one. But we got her car fixed reasonably and, therefore, I will be taking out a small loan on the Jeep to buy me a motorcycle. Nothing fancy... just a little guy. A starter bike. I've actually convinced myself that I'll be saving money, since gas hit $2.10 in some areas of Peoria yesterday and Jeepy gets about 15 miles per gallon, but a motorcycle will get about 50. Yep. Saving money. That's what this motorcycle will be about.

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