So I guess

So, I guess it's been a while since I've posted.

The cartoon job is going well. It's all planned out, characters are designed, and I actually start animating today. The guy I'm working with is a really nice guy, who can hopefully give me a lot of work soon. He even funded a 22 minute cartoon, which is mediocre at best, but set him back many thousands of dollars. I would absolutely love to get one of those jobs.

On Wednesday we went out to Hoops again. This may be our last Wednesday at Hoops. They changed their drink specials, it was ridiculously crowded, and Steve, the bartender, is a jerk with hair too horrible to look at.

On Friday, me, Jaimee, and Mullens went down to Kelleher's to see Jody, Alan, and some Irish band. That was a fun time, although Polk is a punk ass and backed out.

Yesterday was a lazy day at home. I didn't ever take off my pajamas, except to go jogging and take a shower. My mom bought me a vacuum cleaner, so I don't have to use Jaimee's anymore.

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