So I haven't

So, I haven't heard back from anyone else regarding illustration jobs. Not that I expected to just yet, mind you. My dad bought me gift certificates to the local art store so I could stock up on supplies necessary to get my submissions done.

In other news, I was out jogging the other night. I always go at night because it's not ridiculously hot at night. I live in an area that's not really residential at all, so when the stores close down at around 6, my part of town dies. Anyway, I was jogging my some local businesses that were obviously closed. I didn't notice at first, and probably wouldn't have noticed at all, but there was 1 lone car sitting in a parking lot. I noticed only because I heard a scream coming from it. The car shook a bit, but I didn't notice anyone sitting inside.

I figured it was a couple teenagers doin' a little sumptin sumptin, but I also worried that it may have been a girl getting raped or killed or something, so I went in for a closer look. There was definitely a little sumptin sumptin goin' on in the hizouse, and they both totally saw me as I got within about 10 or 15 feet of the car. They both started trying to cover up a bit, but I just laughed and moved on. Silly kids.

Wolford was in town last night, so I stopped by to see him. We ended up going to Perkin's and to see Halloween Resurrection, which totally kicked ass. So formulaic and very 1980's slasher flick. I loved it. It was complete with a little recap at the beginning, mindless plot, bad acting, and dope smoking. It was perfect. And not at all self-referential, which was the best part. Even the best of the recent horror movies have thrown in a line or 2 about scary movies to get a cheap laugh, which was always the worst part. Jeepers Creepers and Jason X both did that. But not this movie. I hope they keep coming out with these cheeseball slasher flicks. I love 'em.

Jaimee's family has also been in town for a while, so I got to meet her mom, sister, and nephew. I even got a free dinner out of the deal.

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