So I just

So, I just got back from seeing Freddy vs. Jason and let me just say that it was the world's greatest movie ever made on the face of the whole entire earth (right after the Evil Dead movies).

With the exception of a cheesy "Jason hates water, Freddy hates fire" bit, I have 0 complaints about the flick. That should come as a surprise because I've been waiting roughly 10 years for this flick and my expectations were crazy high. But I loved it. Every second. And Jason kicked Freddy's ass, just as I predicted he would. Within the first 20 minutes, there was Freddy, Jason, a few bloody deaths, 2 sets of boobs and 1 ass. Film making at it's best, I tell ya what. I can't wait for Part 2, featuring Ash kicking both of thier asses.

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