So I was

So, I was emailing this guy who gives me a lot of work, and he was giving me pointers on how to promote my loser of a website that was supposed to be making me mad cash by now. Anyway, it led into a conversation about how little money I have, and my recent horribly bad luck streak with my financial situation. So, long story short, the guy fronts me a significant amount of money to keep me fed while I pay off my debt. I couldn't believe it. He's like a saint.

Tonight Fabish and I were going to hit Gormans, but on the way were stopping by a house party to pick up a few people. We ended up just staying there for an hour or 2, and I talked to a couple tech geeks like myself about speakers and amplifiers and car engines. It was nice... I haven't really had one of those conversations since I left Iona.

It was also the first house party I had been to in a good long while that wasn't hosted by yours truly. I felt kind of old since most of them were under age.

We came back and Amy and Myra came over to watch a movie. We watched Lost Boys, and I sent a bitter email to a stupid girl who smells bad, and now here I am. I'm about to head out to Steak 'n Shake to meet Mr. Bryan J. Polk. It's been a really active social day for me after a long streak of nothingness.

This weekend will also be busy. I'm going to visit Jaimee, and I also have to hit my parent's house tomorrow for din din with my Aunt whose here from Kansas. Jaimee's on Saturday, and on Sunday I'm headed to Woodhull for my grandpa's birthday thing. I'm not looking forward to that last one, but I'll survive.

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