So... I was

So... I was laid off from the Gallery, but not really too worried about it since the freelancing jobs were comin' and comin' without me doing much to get 'em. But, I haven't really done any kind of murals in the past week and funds are low. After my house payment, I've got exactly $16 in my checking account and bills to pay, and well.. that sucks. Bibo's money would be real nice right about now. I was getting frustrated and planned on spending tomorrow looking for more work, but then 2 little miracles happened.

  1. Funny prizes Dave called me. For those of you who haven't been reading my journal forever or keeping up, funny prizes Dave is a millionaire in Florida who paid me a lot of money to do awesome work. For a while, he was sending me $2000/month to do whatever he asked me to do within 24 hours. Those were good times. He was hit hard with the economy crashing, and he got cancer, and hasn't given me much work. He said his business is booming again and needs my help, which is freaking awesome as all get out.

  2. The single biggest freelancing job I've done was a CD-ROM for nearly $5K for the LA County School District. They came back to me a few weeks ago for revisions and actually approved the quote I gave them, so I have more work to keep me occupied for a bit.

Ignoring the fact that the mural leads I've gotten have lead... uh... nowhere, things seem to be looking up, if just a bit. Time will tell. I've been broke as a joke for 2 years now and just really want a steady paycheck and money to throw around again.

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