So I was

So I was getting my haircut yesterday. We did the whole drill, but after the cut she insisted on shampooing, despite how I told her I was in a hurry to get home. It would only take a minute, she said. I agreed.

As she was shampooing, I noticed she stopped for an abnormally long time. I kind of looked around, afraid to make eye contact. With my glasses off, I can't see if people are looking into my eyes or not, so I try to avoid it as to not freak anyone out. After a couple more seconds of waiting and nothing happening, I said "Uh... is everything alright?" To which she replied "Oh yes, everything is fine. Your eyes just look really pretty with the light reflecting off them like that." I replied "Oh... that's really fucking creepy, thank you for making my skin crawl, psycho". Okay, that's what I thought. I actually just thanked her and hoped that would be the end of it. Unfortunately, she continued to freak me out with a bunch of follow up questions about my eyes, like if they were natural (did she really think I had contacts on AND glasses?), whether I was staring right at the light while reclined, and what color my parents' eyes were. I answered all of them reluctantly and tried to laugh it off. The more I think about it, the more scary it was. I ended up buying shampoo from her (something I've never done), afraid of what she'd do if I turned down her offer. Maybe that was her plan all along. Don't they get a bonus or something for that? Anyway....

Fact: I used to take long vacations with my family every single year until junior year in high school. I've visited nearly every single state, but have only left the country once. It was on a cruise, where I spent some time in Mexico, Jamaica, and the Grand Caymans.

Memory: I was 19 or so, home from school on some sort of break. My parents were out of town for some reason that isn't important or relevant. I threw a small party with a select group of people. Everyone cleared out, except for the regular crew I hung out with all the time... Steph, Fabish, Mullens, and Angie. A bunch of hilarity ensued, including, but not limited to, Fabish eating part of a candle, Mullens eating most of a decorative gourd, Steph sticking her toe in Mullens' eye, and climbing the tree in our front yard. At one point Steph almost fell out, and I half-caught her. One of 2 times I saved the girl's life.

In the morning we had to find a way to dispose of the empty beer cans. We got quite inventive.

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