So I went

So I went out to my parent's place tonight to do some laundry and help my dad with various things. I went outside to play with Abby since she loves running around in circles like an idiot and it's hard for her to do that in the city. I was out in my parent's front yard as she ran around and a neighbor drove down the street. I know him because he's one of my old friend's grandpas, and of course, I grew up down the street from him. So I waved as he drove by and he waved back. I went back to playing with Abby a bit and glanced up at the top of the street where Mr. Johnson was pulling into traffic. As I looked up I saw a little black car run smack into the side of him. Probably around 60 miles an hour.

My parents live in a subdivision off a small, 2 lane highway. The traffic along the highway moves extremely fast, and there's some twists and turns, so you have to be pretty careful when turning onto it. I'm not quite sure how the Johnson's didn't see this car coming since it's pretty straight in the direction it came from, but for whatever reason there was a pretty bad accident.

I ran inside and called 911, telling them that an elderly couple had just had a car accident but I didn't know if anyone was hurt. After the phone call I ran up to the top of the street to see if everyone was okay.

Mr. Johnson's car was in the ditch across the street and the driver's side door had been collapsed. The little black car was basically totalled. No one in either car could open their door, but their windows had been broken so they told me they were basically okay. Mr. Johnson was on his cell phone, and the guy in the black car just looked stunned.

By this time other people were pulling over and on their cell phones. I kept trying to tell them that I had called 911 and it wasn't necessary for them to do it too, but they weren't listening to me. I have no idea how many 911 calls they got related to the accident.

So, after a while it was obvious that I couldn't do anything, and I was getting cold, so I went back to my parent's and we watched from a window. In the end, the guy in the black car had a pretty banged up knee and the Johnsons were basically okay, but pretty shaken up. They took everyone to the hospital, basically just to make sure they weren't bleeding internally or anything like that. It was pretty obvious how the accident had happened and who was at fault, so the police didn't question me, as I thought they might.

And that's my story.

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