So I woke

So, I woke up this morning at about 7:30 so I could walk to the cash machine, then to the vet to pick up Abby. The cash machine by my house was out of service, so I half-jogged back to my place, got in the car, and drove to the next closest ATM. Out of service. Finally to the bank ATM. Out of service. As a last ditch effort, I drove about 5 miles away to an ATM, which was actually working. I got the money I needed to get Abby back and headed back to the clinic, arriving 45 minutes late.

The lady said they did, indeed, have Abby, but since they don't have a large kennel for strays they have PAWS come pick them up every morning, which is why I was instructed to pick her up at 8 AM. My sob story about the out of service ATMs didn't help, because Abby was already on her way to PAWS.

So I go to PAWS to get her, where I was scolded for not taking better care of my dog. Granted, she wasn't my dog. And, granted, I have the most well behaved, awesomest, sweetest dog in the whole world, and that's partly because I'm the best dog owner EVER. Screw those PAWS people. I handed over my hard earned money and was escorted to the kennels where I found Abby, looking horribly sad and miserable. And I laughed. She saw me and was happy for about 3/4ths of a second, then her tail went between her legs and her ears went back.

On the ride home, I lectured her about how running away was a minor inconvenience for me and Angie and whoever brought her to the animal shelter. I also made sure to mention that last night she had 2 options. 1. Sleep in a nice, air conditioned house with 2 dog friends, or 2. Run away and spend the next 18 hours miserable and sad in a loud stinky kennel with hundreds of dogs whose owners don't want them. Then, spend the next 3 days and nights in the basement with no dog friends only being let out twice per day and unable to run around because I don't trust her without a leash anymore. She made the wrong choice. By the look on her face, I think she'd figured that one out already.

But, she's back, safe and sound. I was really worried I'd gotten Fabish's dog killed. He loves that dog almost as much as I love mine. I can't imagine how I would react if someone else got Winnie killed or lost.

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