So I worked

So I worked long and hard on my webpage last night, and around 6 or 7, Mullens called to see about the plans for Mardi Gras in St. Louis. I told him I wasn't really interested since it sucked last year, and I just had too much work to get done. In the end, though, I decided to go. I needed to treat myself and be social for a little while, so at 8 we headed down to St. Louis. Alan gave me $30 spending money.

We got there at about 10:45, just as Mardi Gras was being broken up. Cops were walking down the street shining their flashlights at people telling them to go home. So we walked down a deserted street with tons of beer bottles everywhere, then went back to the car.

Mullens had the idea to go to the landing to hit a few bars or something. Unfortunately none of us knew where the landing was, so we just wandered around forever to find it. When we finally did, it was so stupidly crowded that we couldn't get into any bars or anything.

So we packed up and went home. It pretty much sucked a lot.

The best part of the night was when we were walking down the street to the landing with a ton of cars that were in a traffic jam. People had their windows rolled down and would just talk to us. The rest of the night I could have done without.

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