So I'm back

So, I'm back at work. Which means I don't have pictures to post. Which makes my theme for December a filthy lie so far. Don't worry, pictures are coming.

Speaking of pictures. Livejournal rocks for making posting pictures so easy with their new photo service. Including, INCLUDING, a moblog. Yes, kids, if you're a nerd like me with a camera phone and a moblog no one ever looks at, now you have the option of posting to your LJ! Which is huge, see, since that increases your audience from 0 people to at least 5 or 6, which rocks.

Speaking of not being sick anymore, it felt good to leave the house for the first time in 60 hours or so. It felt even better to eat for the first time in just as long. I was sick of being in my house with only 2 short visitors daring enough to risk their own health to bring me soup, medication, and orange juice. Thanks to Angie and my dad for your potential sacrifice. And thanks to Winnie for keeping me company in the remaining 59 and a half hours I was without company.

I found a buyer for junkmachine. The sale eliminates a huge chunk of credit card debt and frees up a huge amount of time to devote to new projects. I should be debt free by March. The portraits aren't included in this estimate. I may be out by February if you include those.

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