So I'm working

So, I'm working on building this chair for chair-ity, and in the process nearly drilled my finger off. It hurts like a mother fucker, even now, a solid 18 hours after the accident. It's all bloody and gross, and if it didn't hurt so much, it would be totally cool to have a bloody stump instead of a thumb.

I quoted this lady $120 to redo her family tree for her. I thought I was going to make a killing on the project, but now, 3 days later and no finished product to show for it, I see I got totally screwed. The lady has absolutely no concept of how a family tree operates so I have to disect her entire family history into something that is both accurate and looks okay. It's a pain in my ass. I can't even keep all my cousins straight, much less this lunatic's entire family. I hate family trees. Never again.

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