So the interview

So the interview at Verizon didn't happen because Steph was out of town. It'll be Wednesday, maybe, but time will tell about that stuff.

So last week I was reading the classifieds looking for work, and this one ad said something like "we're looking for people who want to goof off, have fun, and make money. We need product testers for toys" or something like that. So I was all excited and thinking it's a cool, "Tom Hanks in Big" type position. I called and asked about the position and was instructed to come in and fill out an application today. I went in, filled out this short app, and talked to the owner of the company for about 5 minutes. He didn't really describe what the company did at all, but asked me questions about leadership, inventory, and mentioned something about sales. From what I gather, he's looking for people to drive around town, visit these companies, and try to sell toys. I'm not sure how accurate that guess is, though.

At the end of the 5 or 10 minute interview, he said he wanted me to come in tomorrow at 9:00 and spend some time with one of the employees, see what the company does, and see if I'm interested in the position. And they'll see if they're interested in me. It's bizarre, but I didn't have anything planned tomorrow anyway. Might as well waste some time doing this, and if I'm not interested, no big thing, chicken wing.

Then on Wednesday I have the Verizon thing, and Mullens assures me it's mine if I want it. We'll see what this toy thing is all about before I decide about the Verizon thing. All things being equal, I'd rather not work for Mullens' sister. She's a cool girl and all, but honestly, I'd be taking the job until something better came along. I'd feel bad working for her for 3 months until I get a salaried position somewhere else.

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