So it was

So it was a pretty uneventful Saturday until I got the call that my grandpa had died. It was pretty unexpected, as he was in very good health considering he was 82 and had been smoking for about 70 years. But, he was also an old man, so it wasn't THAT unexpected. It looked like he had taken off his shoes, smoked a cigarette, got ready for bed, and went to sleep. He just never woke up. It was a good way to go, especially after we all watched his wife suffer for so long in the hospital until her dying was a relief more than anything. We all just wish we knew something was up so we'd have a chance to say goodbye.

So I made the trip to Woodhull to hang out with the family at my grandpa's house. It was awkward as it usually is after a death.

I'm all out of grandparents now, which is sad. I kind of expected my grandpa to live forever like my great grandma did. His mom died when I was 17. I think she was 96 or so. The saddest part of the night for me was Jack explaining what was going on. Sarah and Robert had already had a talk with him, so as we were getting out of the car, he explained to me that "Papa Russ was with God", and that since everyone would be sad, "he'd be good".

I have no idea how this will effect my work week. We'll see.

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