So as it

So, as it turns out, lunch with my sister wasn't a purely social event. It was to annouce several important family things to me. So, over my sesame chicken, Sarah and Robert told me that their second child is due in February. Jack will be just over 2 years old, and I'll be an uncle for the 2nd time. This time around, they'll probably find out the sex of the baby before they have it, and hopefully they'll tell us the name before hand as well.

The second big announcement: My cousin Valerie got divorced a few months back. Details as to why are sketchy, but basically she said it was because they stopped loving each other. The reason for the lack of love... Val is totally gay. Apparently she told my sister and gave her the task of telling the rest of the family. My dad took it about like I suspected he would take it (his reaction: "Yeah, that explains SO MUCH."), but I guess my mom's reaction was a bit less desirable ("Can't she go to a psychiatrist or something? What's wrong with her? Is it because her mom didn't help raise her?"). But, she's happy, she's got a girlfriend, and she feels better with it off her chest. So that's good. I'm happy for her, but I'm not nearly as conservative as a lot of the people in my family.

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