So last night

So, last night was Scotty Olsson's bachelor party. I was trying to convince him to go to Big Al's, but he was having none of it. We ate some steak then headed downtown to Richard's for a couple of drinks. Scott's brother Phil was all about me, my pornography career, and junkmachine. Hopefully he'll write some articles or something for it soon. Funny chap.

Anyway, I got to see all those guys I only see rarely. Brian Kelly, John Zarr, Scott Reyling, Jason Smalley... it was good times. I think tonight we're hitting Kouri's for some theology thingie.

I bought Rollerball on DVD. I'm one of those types who likes, or at least appreciates, every movie I see. I rarely hate movies. But Rollerball is the biggest piece of shit on the face of the planet. It's absolutely fucking awful. There's not one good part of the movie. The whole thing is garbage. Terrible acting, writing, directing. How the hell do bullshit movies like this get made when independent genius filmmakers can't get a dime to work on their movies which are actually worth buying? Or even watching. And why the hell did I buy this movie? Screw you, Rollerball. I can't say enough bad things about this horrible piece of shit.

Now I'm organizing my office, finally. My crap has sat out for long enough, so it's time to put it away. Tomorrow my DSL gets hooked up, so hopefully, junkcam will be up and running. Since I'll be letting strangers into my office, I figured it should at least be clean, right? Right.

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