So last night

So last night was Hoops night. I got to meet Alan's new crush, Jamie, who isn't attractive at all. She's a neck downer, sure, but man, her face is weird. And she's crazy annoying. Brynn, Mullens, Anna, Alan, and Jenny were all there too, watching this girl be crazy drunk and crazy annoying. She kept saying things about going home with Alan and wanting to "have fun", but not get in a relationship. It seemed like a sure thing that Alan was going to seal the deal.

Apparently, nothing happened. Maybe Alan saw the light and realized that this girl is nutty and not nearly attractive enough to justify dating her. Nuttiness needs to be balanced with hotness, otherwise it just doesn't work. Being weird in the face is okay, as long as you're not loony toons.

Anyway, enough of that. Hoops was fun, and I haven't seen Brynn for a good long time. She's a nice girl. I've been eating out and drinking out a bit too often lately, so I've made up my mind to stay in tonight and prepare for Friday at Kouri's. The tradition is back and better than ever. I look more forward to Fridays at Kouri's than Wednesdays at Hoops these days. You should be honored, Mister Polk and Mister Jim.

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