So, last night was really interesting.

I was supposed to meet Polk at the UPN station downtown at 1 am. Unfortunately, I left a bit late and had no gas to get there. So I stopped at a gas station on the way. While filling up, a guy came running up to me, drunk out of his mind, asking me for a ride downtown in exchange for $5. I told him no problem. He only had a $20, though, and instead of waiting for him to run inside and get change, I told him I'd give him a ride for free since I was in a hurry. The whole ride downtown he was yelling about his girlfriend and other nonsense. It was pretty funny.

Anyway, the whole ordeal made me a bit late meeting Polk. We headed to his place for a few drinky drinks and a little Mr. Show, and I called it a night after my Captain's Gold. It's amazing how buzzed you can get off 2 drinks when you haven't eaten anything all day.

Now I'm just wasting time until I go pick Polk up and we head to Angie's cook out. I'm not really looking forward to it. but at least I'm getting out of the apartment.

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