So the latest

So, the latest is that the guy who ripped me off and didn't pay me for the webpage I did for him started sending me viruses. I used an email tracker to see if I could figure out the IP, which I did pretty easily. I reported him to his ISP and sent him an email asking him to stop sending viruses, since he had sent a bunch of them.

He took the oppurtunity of my new email to tell me that he was going to sue me to get back his $200 down payment. I really, really hope he sues me. That way, he pays the court fees and I can counter sue for free. There's no way in hell I could ever lose.

The whole situation makes me laugh, because I am 100% right, and everything he does is just going to dig his hole deeper and deeper. No skin off my back.

I went out to my parent's house to change my oil earlier. Now I'm working on the mosquito project that will get me out of debt. Later, we're having a cook out.

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