So Mullens came

So, Mullens came over on Friday to chill for a bit and watch some TV. The Simpsons was on and just starting, so I decided to watch it. Here's the conversation that followed:

Mullens: Woah, this is a really old episode.
Tim: This is only the opening credits. You can't tell how old it is.
Mullens: Yeah I can. Look at how they're drawn. It's really old.
Tim: Yeah, they've used the same exact opening credits since the first series.
Mullens: Whatever. This is an old episode.
Tim: It may very well be an old episode. The point is that you can't tell that from the opening.

As the episode started, it turned out to be a very old one. That only reinforces Mullens' stance on the subject, which pisses me off. I hate it when things like that happen.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful. Steph came over to watch a movie, and today I did laundry at my parent's house and worked on my webpage. It's getting so close to being up and ready to go now.

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