So my big

So, my big story of the day. I'm at work and me and Brandon decide to go to lunch. It's bright and sunny outside and I volunteer to take my car since the top was down and it was so nice. Brandon refused, since my lack of CD player or any kind of music really bothers him a lot. No, I still haven't replaced the CD player from when it was stolen. Anyway, we get in his car and we're off.

No more than 20 minutes later, on our way back from picking up the food, it starts absolutely pouring down sheets of rain. It was a terrible storm. I was hoping someone from the gallery would see the rain coming and put the top on my Jeep for me, but alas, they did not. I had to drive the thing home to get the windows, since I don't keep the new windows in the Jeep itself anymore.

So, that, ya know, sucked a lot. My ass got soaking wet along with the entire inside of my Jeep. And my basement is flooding again, right after it stopped smelling like mold from the last time it flooded. Fun stuff.

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