So my eBay

So, my eBay auctions all ended today and I made just enough money with them to cover my heating bills for the month. Just over $200. I've still got quite a few things to sell, thankfully, so maybe I'll have some eBay money to burn instead of just to put towards practical things.

Life barrells on. Sales are slow, income is low. I'm just glad I had a few good months while supporting the family, but I'm sad I'll be of less help now that I've had several days in a row of 0 sales.

I'd like to mention my awesome purchase at the poor people sale. 76,000 games built into 1 controller. Sure, I was conned into it by the salesman saying it contained every Nintendo game ever (it doesn't), and sure, it actually has about 150 games with shitloads of repeats, but it's still pretty cool. Nevermind the fact that I paid twice what it sells for online. But it's still cool.

Tomorrow I clean up the basement, find more stuff to sell, and make more money off Wendy on eBay. Awesome.

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