So my exhaust

So, my exhaust leak needs a-fixin', and today I took the Jeep to a friend of my dad's to get some bolts cut off, since they're so old and rusty and virtually welded to the car frame. When the Jeep was up on the rack, he informed me that at some point before I owned the car (probably at the lot I bought 'er from), they installed a 94 Cavalier muffler on it. Backwards. With a tailpipe 3/4" too small. Which probably contributed to the exhaust leak in the first place. $78 later, I got my muffler and tailpipe, and will fix that and the manifold on Wednesday.

I spent the remainder of my day off painting my old upstairs storage area which will soon be Jaimee's office/reading nook after a few coats of paint and some pretty curtains or something.

Exciting news on the job front, but I've learned my lesson and won't be posting about it until I know it's a sure thing. So there.

You Peoria locals can see me in last Saturday's paper. I look stunning in the picture, if I do say so myself. Stunning.

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