So my third

So, my third day at the store and I'm becoming more confident with a bunch of issues. It's a good job. I don't hate it. If I get more ambitious, I'm sure I can make a ton of cash doing it. Even being a fumbling new guy who doesn't know a whole lot, I got nearly $40 in commission today on top of my hourly. And that was a slow day in between watching 2 movies on HBO. Around Christmas I hear the slow days bring in $200 commission. Busy days, it's not uncommon to see $600 commission. That's good fundage.

So the money is good. The people are cool as hell. I get health insurance. It'll be a great job to have until I get my dream job, but honestly, once I get used to it, it may take a lot to get me away from making a lot of money while watching HBO and Cinemax. The only thing is the respect factor... working retail gets people no respect in my opinion. Working at Iona seemed interesting and professional. While it's possible I can make more doing the cell phone thing, it also seems like people will feel sorry for me if I tell them what I do. Ah well. No need to worry about such things on my 3rd day when I don't plan on being there for even a year.

I guess the point is that I like the job and I'll like it more when I know exactly what's happening there. It's not nearly as bad as I thought working a shit job would be, and I appreciate what Mullens did for me more every time I go to work.

Plus Jaimee is coming back. Everything's comin' up Wasson.

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