So the secret

So, the secret (if we could ever call it that) is out. Jaimee and I are splitsville. It was a decision made reluctantly but mutually, so all is good in that camp. I'm still organizing my thoughts about the whole thing, and will post them once they're sorted out.

The weekend was good. Friday afternoon I met Angie, Alan, and Brynn at Hannah's Parlor for lunch, and Friday night was Kouri's night with the crew, although we ended up going to Donnelly's. We waited until the end of the night to break the news, and thankfully Polk was there to keep it light-hearted and not all depressy and whatnot.

Saturday I went out to break the news to my mom. She was upset, and seemed worried about me. Mullens picked me up from there and we headed to Gorman's for a few drinks and a few wings. Angie stopped by after work. I saw Fabish later that night and sat on his porch drinking some more beers (are we seeing a pattern here?).

Sunday was a lazy day, then out to Wolford's dad's restaurant for his birthday dinner. He ended up paying for Jaimee and my pizza since the restaurant operates like it's the 50's and doesn't take credit cards. After a short stop in Canton we made our way home, watched a bit of AFV, and went to sleep.

I'm dealing with the situation pretty well. Every once in a while, I start feeling like I really have to get out of the house for a little bit, and when I get that feeling, I've been jogging, going for a bike ride, or talking a walk. This weekend I took a 6.5 mile bike ride to and from work to see if I could. The next day I took a 2 mile jog, followed by 2 1 mile walks with both dogs. Later that day Jaimee and I took a short bike ride again. That exercise isn't counting the walks around furniture stores to find a new couch to replace the one Jaimee is taking with her.

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