So the specifics

So, the specifics I promised all y'all.

For those who don't know, I've pretty much decided that I'm going to tell Angie that I think she and I should date. I think we have the potential to be a good couple, so I'd rather risk my dignity and a friendship for something that may be better in the long run.

I've been gathering my nerve for the past week or so, trying to figure out the best way to say what I need to say. Anyway, Angie and I were going to meet for drinks last night and I decided that it was as good a night as any.

We made some small talk that led into conversation about us. It's kind of a running joke that we're going to get married in Vegas on our birthday (we share a birthday) so that I'll only have 1 date to remember. That led into a discussion of baby names and how she wants a kid named Jack, but can't have one because I have a nephew named Jack. Anyway, it seemed less like the vague, jokey, and uncertain way we usually discuss our "wedding". It seemed honestly like an engaged couple who would have the same discussion.

So anyway, she started joking about how we couldn't get married on our birthday because then she'd get the shaft when it came to presents. I reminded her that there was always Valentine's Day. She took the opportunity to inform me I better send her flowers and she'd get something nice for me too. Angie and I have played Valentines with each other before when we've both been single, but she ended the conversation by saying "that's what good couples do for each other". I saw my chance to get in there and say something suave like "yeah, so speaking of us being a good couple...". But alas, at that second a mutual friend walked in and sat down right next to Angie and started yakking it up. She stayed until we left.

So that was that. In retrospect, it went pretty well and really solidified the idea that she wants the same thing I do. But right after it happened, I was just kind of upset we only got the conversation about 30% dealt with. Such is life.  

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