So the Taste

So the Taste of Peoria was last night. I headed down with Mullens and Anna and was promised that we'd meet other people down there. We didn't. It was just me being the third wheel the whole time. It was fun though. The highlights being the 2 crazy drunk guys dancing to the bands, the little kid dancing, and seeing Polk seconds after mentioning to Mullens he was supposed to be down there. I ran into a few other random people as well, and it ended up being a good time, despite the fact I was just tagging along with their plans.

As we were leaving, we had about $3 worth of coupons and nothing to do with them. Anna said she was going to find someone to give them away to, so I told her she needed to give them to a hot girl. Lightbulbs went off in both Mullens and Anna's head, and they ended up making me hunt down a group of hot girls to give the tickets to, since I need to "get into the habit" or whatever. So I found a group of girls, gave them the money, and they giggled like teenagers and instantly annoyed me. Then we left.

Angie called and wanted pizza delivered to her job. I said she should call Wolford, because I'm so hilarious. I ended up taking her some, and taking Winnie for a ride in the process.

Tonight is the finale of Last Comic Standing. It's going to be great.

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