So on Tuesday

So, on Tuesday I went ahead and bought Panic Room. It's a great movie, and even though I hate spending money on stupid things like DVDs these days, I figured it was worth it. I haven't bought a DVD in too long.

On Wednesday Jaimee came over to watch it. After she left, I met up with Mullens and Alan for some drinks at Hoops. It was good times. Alan and I talked about how much we missed the old pad, and how it sucked to be getting older. They both also mentioned how skinny I looked (and by skinny, they meant "not as fat as you used to be"), and how much they loved (and by loved, thet meant "not hated") my beard (and by beard, I mean "long stubble I should probably just shave off at this point").

Anyway, it was fun, and I like talking to Mullens again like nothing ever happened. We do mention it in passing, like when we talk about Angie and how she never wants to hang out with me. But, it's been like a year and a half, and I've let it go as much as I'll ever let it go.

Tonight Fabish and I are going to happy hour. It's pretty exciting for me, because I've never been to a happy hour before. Oh, the excitement.

My dad took me out to lunch today, so I wasn't here when the mail got here, so I don't get to get Super Mario Brothers 3 until tomorrow. Crap.

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