So the vacation

So, the vacation was really excellent. I had a wonderful time, despite my near-sickness I had the entire time.

Thursday after work, I had some packing to do and I did it feeling pretty crappy. I went and picked up Alan's car and picked up Mullens and Brynn and headed to Indiana Beach to meet Carissa and Angie and Alan, who had all been calling me about every fifteen minutes to see where I was and if I was still planning on coming. I had considered backing out because I could feel the sickness growing and I didn't want to be the sick downer guy of the trip. Either way, I made the decision to go.

So, a few hours later we arrive. Everyone but me starts drinking heavily, and I start sucking on cough drops and trying to keep my eyes open. I got a lot of sleep that night, albeit shitty sleep, tossing and turning and waking up having trouble swallowing.

Friday we went out on the boat, and my throat hurt worse than it did when I had strep. I considered going home, but started feeling a bit better by Friday night. That night we went to the amusement park, where Brynn and I went on a weird up and down type ride everyone else was scared by, Angie and I went on her first roller coaster ride, and the highlight on the night was when Mullens, Angie and I went on the human roller coaster. Basically they strapped us into weird vests, lifted us 100 feet in the air on a crane, and released us to swing back and forth. I had a great time, but Mullens nearly puked. The scariest part was when we were still on the crane and we had to go from vertical to horizontal. The guy who strapped us in warned us that the floor would drop but not to worry. Before he finished his warning, we all fell face first, stopping mere inches from the ground. As we raised up, out of the crane, my head went right into a strange lady's boobs. I was defenseless to stop it but she didn't seem too concerned. I played it cool by offering a "uh... what's up?" before making my forced departure out of the crane.

Friday night was also poker night with everyone on vacation, plus Marie and Dain who were there visiting her parents. Out of the 8, I'll give you 1 guess who came in first place (and you better guess me, because it was me. I think it was half because I'm awesome at bluffing and half because I was the only one not drunk, with me still nursing an illness and all).

Saturday was more fun on the boat with fishing and going fast and whatnot. That night was poker for money, where I came in 3rd place but still at around $0. But still fun stuff. We also went to eat a bunch of ribs, which Mullens promptly vomited up in a disgusting display of disgustingness.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day with nothing planned. A lot of drinking commenced, since it was the first day my sore throat went from sore to okay, but my nose went from okay to stuffy. When Angie got sick of the burping, farting, and cussing, she went on a long walk and Mullens, Alan and I promptly got into an empty beer can fight, started by yours truly. It was fun and painful, and I managed to mess up the toenail on my toe pretty good, which I imagine I stubbed on something, although I can't be sure. I also talked to my boyfriend Dayv on the phone (and I'm pretty sure "top down, seat back" is a common saying for convertable owners, and I'm not sure why I had to keep repeating the phrase. Oh, Dayv, I'll teach you how to own a convertible someday. Your first lesson: use the phrase "top down, seat back" whenever possible) and went drunken-go-carting, where I came in second place only to Alan, beating a whole family and Mullens and Angie. Not too shabby.

Today was mostly just packing up and cleaning and driving, although we managed to get out on the boat for a little while.

And now I'm home. It was a nice, relaxing little trip away from home. Winnie was so excited to see me home, and made me so glad I'm a dog owner. I love that stupid mutt way too much, and missed her more than I missed the internet while I was away. This has been a holiday report. Peace.

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