So we went

So we went and saw American Wedding yesterday. Angie, Alan, and Carissa and I all went with the intention of bowling, but it was league night, so we couldn't get in. We wandered over to the theaters, where all of us said we wanted to see American Wedding, so plans were changed. With over an hour to kill before the movie started, we wasted time by grabbing a drink at Friendly Valley, a little shit bar that I've always wanted to visit but have never been to. What an awesome joint. It wasn't nearly as shitty as it looks from the outside.

Then it was on to the movie. We noticed everyone coming out of the theater had big bowls and various containers. I remembered that Tuesday was "bring your own bowl" night, where popcorn was served for $.50 in whatever bowl you had. So we opted to go to the later show of American Wedding and go to Wal-Mart to buy some containers. We came back with a trashcan. They filled the trashcan with popcorn, and we all ate out of it. It was kind of surreal.

The movie was pretty good, but it was basically a "look at how funny Stifler can be" movie. It was my least favorite of the 3.

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