So yesterday I

So yesterday I worked for a couple hours. During my 6 hour shift, we had a total of 4 customers. It was an exciting day.

I went home and made some phone calls, trying to make plans for the night. I couldn't get a hold of anyone, so I ended up going to Kinko's to get my comic formatted and on the right paper and such. It's weird to hold the finished product in my hand, all bundled like a comic and whatnot. As I was finishing, Fabish called my cell phone, so I headed over to his house after I was done.

We went down to Gorman's, which was the only bar we went to when we were underage hoodlums. It's Bradley's Spring Break, so it was nice and quiet, with only old people there. We had their hot wings, which are the best hot wings on the planet. Man, those are good.

And now it's this morning. I'm getting ready to go to Sully's and paint a leprochaun.

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