So yesterday I

So, yesterday I went to meet with a few "clients", because this freelancing thing is starting to work again and I actually have "clients". It's fun to have "clients". It's fun to say I have clients. Clients, clients, clients.

Anyway, so I went to Jones Brothers with 6 sample sketches. They loved them all and took them to discuss which one I finish. I sort of got the impression that they'll want me to finish all 6 for various ads and whatnot. We'll just have to see.

At Childer's, he wanted me to do 2 more murals. I do 1 on Sunday, and 1 on Monday. Another mural for some lady in Morton on Monday, too. It's a busy time, but good money, which I like.

The only other big thing on the horizon: the diet from hell attacks this Monday. Alan read about it in Men's Health magazine, and it outlines every single meal and snack you eat for 21 days. I will stick to this diet loyally, and I mean it. The goal is to lose 15 pounds in 3 weeks, if you stick to the diet and your normal work out schedule. So we'll see how it goes. The hardest part will be not drinking anything but water for the entire time. I love soda.

I went to my sister's house to help with some home improvement projects, and I was promised all of their work out equiptment on "extended loan" for whenever I get my house. They have a nice, nice, nice set up of weight benches, with an intricate pully system and such. Pretty neat stuff. They gave me all their hand weights tonight so I can start building muscle to get off this last small bit of fat I got goin' on. It's weird to be getting close to the end of a diet that's lasted 10 months so far.

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