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So, to the left is an awesome picture of me and Alan at Jimmy's. I like it for a few reasons. 1. It's not completely unflattering for me. 2. The lights in the background are freaking awesome, although the streaking (my favorite part) is probably due to the camera on the wrong setting or spilled beer on the lens. One of the two.

So, they changed up one of my favorite programs and made it a ton worse. It's supposed to focus on technology, but with the host being a dipshit, it's hard to learn about the latest gadgets.

Chi Lan, you're a fucking moron. Stop being on TV right now, please. I'm begging you. I just watched my DVRed episode of The Screen Savers, and allow me to correct you on a few mistakes because you're a moron.

Chi Lan on cell phones: When a user calls in asking about inexpensive camera phones, here's a few tips: 1. Don't start by recommending a ridiculously expensive and hard to find Nokia smart phone. This is especially true when you haven't the foggiest idea what carrier the caller is on. You probably should start by asking that. 2. Camera phones that are over a megapixel are getting to be very common. Verizon alone has 2, the v710 and Koi. Saying the Nokia is the only phone on the market with a megapixel is retarded. 3. Sprint VGA phones. Great suggestion, except you don't know if the caller was on Sprint and even so, you probably should have said something about the phone being a Sanyo, since VGA is a resolution not a model number. 4. Holy crap, I can't believe you threw out a model number that wasn't a vague statement. Too bad it was the Samsung A600, which a. is still on the Sprint network. If you're going to throw out a bunch of phones with no rhyme or reason, perhaps you should cover all carriers? b. Uh, it's inexpensive because it's nearly 2 years old and not manufactured anymore. Verizon recently discontinued the 600's brother, the 610. Both got extremely bad reviews. I can say that because I used to own the 610. Don't recommend a discontinued product panned by both critics and the general public.

This rant brought to you by a cell phone nerd.

Chi Lan on digital cameras: I was hoping this was meant to be a joke, since it was funny and akward to watch. So, Chi Lan, after telling me about the delay a digital camera has between shots, why don't you tell me how quick yours can take photos? Oh, 3 per second? That's awesome! Oh, wait, not awesome... I meant bullshit. That's what I meant to say. If you don't know the answer, it's okay and better to admit it rather than throw out nonsense on air. Oh, and shutter speed is measured in fractions of a second. I forgot what you said it was measured in, but I remember it was wrong and I remember that you're a moron.

Chi Lan on video players: I don't know what kind of TV you're watching, but there's more than 29.99 frames per minute. I assume you were trying to be a fancy pants and not say 30 frames. But, first up, it's approximately 30 frames per second, not minute. And second up, if you're going to get fancy about it, it's 29.97 frames per second.

And if you want to get accurate about it, its only 29.97 frames per second on the TV to account for the interlacing. On the computer or handheld devices, its a full 30 frames.

I hate the new TSS, but will continue to watch with hatred. I hope someday Chi Lan's head explodes on air. Even her emo glasses can't make her watchable.

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