Soda Club

First rule of Soda Club: Do not talk about Soda Club.

So in my continuing effort to become a little greener, a little less wasteful, and a little more financially responsible, I took the leap and joined Soda Club, which is not really a club per se, but a kit to make your own soda at home.

How does this make me greener, you ask? Well, the plastic bottles are reusable, making my aluminum can and plastic bottle consumption basically nothing, although I'm sure there will be the odd occasion when I'll buy a bottle from the gas station.

Also, since I won't be buying from the grocery store anymore, that'll save in transport for those cases of soda I used to buy.

It'll save me money too. Not a ton mind you, but $10-$20/month.

My next resolution: No more using the drive-through at restaurants. This resolution is 2-fold. 1. It will discourage me from getting food at places that have a drive-through. That's good for my health and my diet. And 2. It'll save my gas mileage when I'm just sitting there in the drive-through, burning gas but not moving anywhere.

Please note: I don't believe I'm changing the world with my little resolutions, but I'm a firm believer that if everyone in America did as little as I did to conserve energy and reduce waste, the world would be a very different place.

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