Some things suck

Some things suck right now. The good things: November is going to be a stellar month for me financially. Wolford will be in town in a couple of days to hang out... I haven't seen the kid in too long. Steph will be home in a little more than a week, and I haven't seen that kid in even longer.

Too many meetings at Iona in the past few days, but I get money for them, so... yeah, it's okay. It's strange going back there.

Yesterday Dain, one of Iona's salesmen, took me out to lunch to discuss a project that he's got planned. It was good to have a conversation with someone out of the standard 3 people I talk to every single day.

Now I'm going to deposit a check and buy an office chair with a bit more support. I've been using this $30 chair for as long as I can remember, and it's making my back and neck hurt pretty badly.

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